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FlashFXP Editor's Review

'FlashFXP' is a popular FTP client, which enables you to upload and download files to and from Internet using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The program has many advanced features, but at the same time, it's easy-to-use. Most of the advanced features are available in the application's main menu. I liked the program because I didn't need to read countless tutorials and help files to learn how to use it. 

The user interface contains two panels. It resembles Total Commander. By default, the panel on the left is used for browsing your computer, while the one on the right shows the content of the remote site. Either one of these panels can be switched to a local or FTP browser mode, by clicking a button. On the bottom, another panel displays status information, along with messages from the FTP server. 

Resuming incomplete downloads, synchronizing directories, and scheduling tasks are some of this program's features worth mentioning. FlashFXP is able to compare directories based on the criteria you choose. It also supports searching on a FTP server. 

Pluses: Many users need to set permissions to directories on the server, after uploading. This is an easy task for FlashFXP. You just need to right-click the folder from the server, and you can set its permissions (properties). The application also supports sending RAW commands to the server. You can have a quick access via to the program using the Internet Explorer Plugin. 

Drawbacks / flaws: 

In conclusion: A very intuitive design, multi-language support, combined with powerful features make FlashFXP worth a try.

What's Required in Version of FlashFXP

Intel Pentium (or compatible), 128MB RAM, 10MB of available hard disk space

What's New in Version of FlashFXP

Windows 7 Improvements, Improved SFTP Support, Automated File Transfer Scheduling with Email notifications, Advanced file transfer rules based on size, and, or date, Bandwidth Throttling

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